ADVANCED könnyített FIE tőr

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We have selected what we believe to be the best Leon Paul parts and assembled them into one weapon. We have considered weight, balance and performance as our key criteria and applied to every part selection we made. Made for those aspiring fencers who want the best in performance.

Cikkszám: FOIL1

Parts List 
Blade - Golubitsky Pro FIE maraging
Guard - Lightweight Foil Guard 
Socket - 2pin 'screw down' socket
Pad - Pro clear pad 
Grip - Gryptonite Aluminium Grip 
Nut - Leon Paul stainless steel nut (1/4 inch Hex)

 selected by Gerek Meinhardt World number 1 foil fencer
“I selected the Leon Paul Gryptonite handle, because the coating helps me get a tight grip and gives me more control of the foil. I use a size Medium.”” 

 selected by Richard Kruse World Combat Games Champion 
“I use the 2pin socket from Leon Paul as it is much easier to repair and it is designed to keep the pins away from the inside of the guard and prevent shorts.”

Guard selected by James Davis European Foil Champion “I have always used the light weight guard from Leon Paul as it helps reduces the overall weight of the weapon while still allowing a good balance in the overall blade. Also the edges of the guard are rounded so they don’t dent as easily and don’t get sharp edges.”

Blade selected by Sergie Golubitsky 3 times World Foil Champion “Obviously I would select the blade I helped design. It is durable and well balanced while giving good point control.” 

Total approximate weight: 333g  

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