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We have selected what we believe to be the best Leon Paul parts and assembled them into one weapon. We have considered weight, balance and performance as our key criteria and applied to every part selection we made. Made for those aspiring fencers who want the best in performance

Cikkszám: SABRE1

Parts List Blade - Z-pro Maraging sabre blade Guard - Lightweight Guard Socket - 2pin Socket Grip - Tacktonite Medium Rubber grip Pommel - LP sabre pommel Grip selected by Barry Paul Driector of Leon Paul and Olympian “I helped remake the classic rubber grip, we used a new bonding technique that means the rubber and the core are bonded together. The Tacktinite will give good grip and should be comfortable in the hand.” Guard selected by Jon Salfield British Sabre Coach “I tested the modified Lightweight sabre guard and helped pick the black nylon insulated coating as it was the most durable we found. It helps make a well balanced quick sabre.” Blade selected by James Williams Olympian "Much more durable and in the end you save money by using maraging steel blades. Even if you drill someone with a line and really bend your blade, it won't break, you can straighten it quickly and easily and you're back on guard" Total approximate weight : 321g

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