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45 300,00 Ft
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We have selected what we believe to be the best Leon Paul parts and assembled them into one weapon. We have considered weight, balance and performance as our key criteria and applied to every part selection we made. Made for those aspiring fencers who want the best in performance.

Cikkszám: EPEE1

Parts List 
Blade - Leon Paul standard blade
Guard - Lightweight Epee Guard 
Socket - Epee Socket
Pad - Pro clear pad 
Grip - Aluminium Grip 
Nut - Leon Paul stainless steel nut (1/4 inch Hex)

 selected by Jon Willis 2 time World cup winner 
“I use a standard Leon Paul grip because it was the first handle I ever picked up and it just felt right.”

Guard selected by Soren Thompson Team USA 2 time Olympian 
"The Lightweight bell guard is a simple choice for a top fencer. It reduces the weight of the weapon making it easier and faster to control and move.

Blade Selected by Cody Mattern World Team Epee Champion 
"A medium V blade is long lasting Lightweight and easy to control."

Total approximate weight: 372g

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