BF - FIE tőr penge - kék

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BF - FIE tőr penge - kék

The historic French forge Blaise Freres (BF) have been producing blades since 1885 and are renowned for high quality and workmanship. This blade is based on the Silver BF blade but has an additional heat treatment in a salt bath oven to increase its longevity which makes it a dark blue colour.

Blaise Freres (BF) blades are made in France and are regarded by many to be the best in the world in terms of feel. They tend to be on the stiffer than most other blades. Thy are not as light or long lasting as Leon Paul blades but the additional weight suits some people's style of fencing. These are wired with GT2 FIE Foil tips for the ultimate in smoothness and minimum maintenance.

size 5: 160g weight size 5: 5 10/16oz

size 5: 89.5cm 
size 5: 34" 14/16

Balance point 
The balance point is measured from the forte of the blade 
Balance Point: 28cm Balance Point: 10" 15/16

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