Fegyvertartó táska

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Fegyvertartó táska

The Weapon Carrier bag or 'Top bag' is used at fencing competitions to move your weapons and mask between pistes. This is included in the wheeled team bag but is also available separately. The bag contains a water bottle in a cooled waterproof pocket so you can have a cool drink ready at the end of the piste.

The Weapon Carrier bag or 'Top bag' can be used to carry three Foils, two Epees or two Sabres. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap and can be used to replace the top bag on newer versions of our Team Bag. We have change the design from the original Team bag so please note the replacement top bag will only fit your team bag if the docking zips on top of the bag are 95cm long.
Dimensions: 110cm x 6cm x 30cm

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