Kard lamé classic (férfi)

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Kard lamé classic (férfi)

We have used the same ultra-high quality metallic lame material from the same supplier for the last 40 years and this is why our lames last longer than any other on the market. Don't waste money buying a new lame every season just buy one that stands the test of time.

This jacket is cut to fit comfortably over a normal fencing jacket and features an adjustable strap to hold the jacket down. It is made from durable lame with a waterproof lining and can be hand washed.

Machine washable on a delicate cycle at 30 degrees.

This jacket is also available with a back zip (only in mens) which makes it perfect for clubs as it can be used by both left and Right Handed fencers.

Please note that Leon Paul lame jackets are cut to fit over the same size of jacket. Actual measurements are cut slightly bigger than the actual stated size, this is to allow for chest protectors and plastrons to fit underneath the jacket. We would recommend in foil if you want a tighter fitting lame jacket and therefore a reduced target area for selecting 1 size lower than your Leon Paul jacket, unless you have selected a long range jacket as the extra length on the jacket will make the lame look very short on the body. 

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