LP -FIE Maraging tőr penge

44 400,00 Ft
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LP -FIE Maraging tőr penge

Made with Maraging stainless steel finished in Sheffield, England to maximize life span. Forged in London to create a balanced tough blade perfect for high level club fencers and aspiring competitive athletes.

FIE approved Maraging blade. Maraging steel is made especially for us in Sheffield and lasts around 5 times longer than the sprung steel of other blades. Supplied fully wired with GT2 FIE Foil tips.

size 5: 155g | size 3: 144g 
size 5: 5 7/16oz | size 3: 5 1/16oz 

size 5: 89.5cm | size 3: 84.5cm 
size 5: 34" 14/16 | size 3: 32" 15/16

Balance point:
The balance point is measured from the forte of the blade.
Balance Point: 27cm | Balance Point: 24cm
Balance Point: 10" 8/16 | Balance Point: 9" 6/16

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