Mellvéd férfi, gyerek

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Mellvéd férfi, gyerek

The Masterguard offers maximum protection for the chest and is perfect for young children or adults who want extra protection from bruising.

This guard features adjustable elastic straps and covers the chest and sides. It is a great way to stop painful hits, especially in Epee. It is made from a special impact absorbing thermoplastic that is flexible and tough.
MasterGuard - The Fencing Chest Guard for males.
Master Guard is made from the same low density Polyethylene as our well respected Female Chest Guards.
Used by Fencing Masters, boys, students and experienced fencers
Master Guard fits easily under Fencing uniforms. Easily adjustable shoulder and back strap.
CE Certified as a Fencing Chest Guard to CE13567
Approved for use by FIE
MasterGuard has been designed for use by boys, girls and men in Fencing, MasterGuard consists of a lightweight yet strong Polyethelene protection "plate" that wraps around the chest and rib cage. It extends from the sturnum down the torso to the navel, and is held secrely in place with adjustable elastic straps and a velcro fastening. MasterGuard is flexible and bends with the body movement, yet is tough and strong.
Many Fencing schools and studios insist Master Guard is worn by all male fencers, and Master Guard is approved for competition use.

Available in five sizes

Size Chest size
XS Extra Small 70-85cm 28"
S Small 85-90cm 34"
M Medium 90-120cm 40"
L Large 110-140cm 48"
XL Extra Large over 140cm 48" +

You can see how to messure your chest size in this video

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