Párbajtőr testvezeték

9 600,00 Ft
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Párbajtőr testvezeték

Leon Paul's Bodywires are made from the highest possible silver coated quality copper wire and have a wealth of features that make them superior to other manufacturers. Great electrical connection, easy to maintain and long lasting are just some of the product highlights.

Our three-pin plug is more reliable than many others; the pins are slightly offset meaning that as the plug is pushed in the pins are forced to straighten providing increased tension and a perfect contact throughout its life. We make our wire from double spun multi core copper cable, each core being made of hundreds of twisted copper filaments. This gives the wire greater flexibility and increases its fatigue life.
We coat the wire with clear plastic so that if it does eventually break you can see where it has broken and just trim it rather than replace the whole item.
The covers on both plugs are made from a one-piece flexible plastic moulding. This allows the wire to flex inside the plug and prevents it from being bent repeatedly at the point of entry, which increases the life span of the wire.
Finally, all of our terminations are made with piercing screws which are much more reliable and allow easy maintenance.


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